Experienced Product & Engineering Leader for Hire

Available for Consulting Engagements and Contract Projects: As a seasoned Product & Engineering Leader with over 25 years in the field, I offer my expertise for both consulting engagements and contract projects. I specialize in cloud applications for medium to large Enterprise customers. I can lead your software engineering projects from idea to launch while driving technical innovation as a Fractional CTO — a role that brings the benefits of a Chief Technology Officer to your business on a flexible, part-time basis. As needed I dive deep with the team and start coding. I have extensive experience in JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, React, REST APIs, SQL+Python Jupyter Notebooks, AWS, and many other technologies.

I help companies launch products with clear product strategy and smart technology. I can define product features and user experience so that engineering teams can deliver. I review and advise technology and architecture decisions, and jump in as a high-performing software engineer as much as needed.

I help teams deliver software fast that customers want. My approach is hands-on, helping teams deliver robust, user-centric software swiftly. I focus wherever you need it most, from understanding customer needs, making strategic trade-offs, and supporting cross-functional teams to diving in and writing code or fixing bugs on key parts of the codebase.

I help executives clarify strategy by aligning and articulating a product and technical strategy to align the team or raise the next round. In all cases, I measure my own success by my ability to help team members succeed and increase product revenue.

Discover more about my journey and philosophy in About Me, and explore my detailed Experience & Skills.

Wondering how a Fractional CTO can revolutionize your business? Learn at What is a Fractional CTO?.


Below are some of the activities I’ve performed for other teams.

🔨 Build

  • Transform executive vision into plans engineers can execute
  • Articulate a Product Strategy
  • Customer & UX research
  • Design, code & operate SaaS applications.
  • Lead initiatives to dramatically improve quality, performance or scalability large legacy code bases
  • Recruit and manage engineers: Employees and freelancers
  • User experience design - I’m not a designer, but I can get a new feature off the ground.

⚙️ Operate

  • Define and monitor KPIs
  • Build cross-team collaboration around product
  • Instrument and analyze product usage
  • Revamp engineering agile processes
  • Establish practices to improve service reliability
  • Instill engineering excellence

🚀 Product Launch

  • Product briefs for marketing and sales
  • Demo scripts for sales
  • Customer-facing copy and documentation
  • Support fundraising pitch deck, investor calls

📦 Engagement Packages

I generally work with multiple clients simultaneously and I have standard pricing packages that reflect this engagement style as outlined below. I am available for dedicated engagements on a case-by-case basis, but it generally will take 4-8 weeks lead time.

Want to chat? Reach out via email () or LinkedIn Logo LinkedIn.

I want every one of my clients to be my advocates. So I am 100% dedicated to making every engagement successful. Each of the packages below include the following:

  • Onboarding with the team
  • No restrictions on projects
  • All work in client tools + processes
  • No tracked hours — I focus on results, not time
Package Price Best For
Coaching $3,525 /mo Targeted Product & Technical Feedback:
• About 5 hours per week
• Renew monthly
Executing $6,650 /mo Project Leadership:
• About 10 hours per week
• Product Management and/or Coding
• Technical Reviews & Coaching
• Join Sales Calls
• Take investor calls, added to investor decks as Fractional CTO
• Renew quarterly
Scaling $12,500 /mo Team & Product Leadership:
• About 20 hours per week
• Includes Executing” and:
• Hire, Mentor & Manage Engineers
• Renew quarterly