Hire a Fractional CTO

I am an experienced Product & Engineering Leader available as a Fractional CTO.

I help companies launch products with clear product strategy and smart technology. I advise on product, experience and technical decisions, and jump in as a high-performing software engineer as needed.

I help teams deliver software fast that customers want. I do so by clarifying customer needs and making smart tradeoff decisions. I help product launch by supporting marketing, customer success, and sales to boost revenue and retention.

I help executives clarify strategy by aligning and articulating a product and technical strategy to align the team or raise the next round. In all cases, I measure my own success by my ability to help team members succeed and increase product revenue.

I have more than 25 years of experience in Software Engineering Leadership & Product Management. You can read more about my Experience & Skills. You can read a more about me as an individual in About Me.

Still wondering what a Fractional CTO is? Check out What is a Fractional CTO?.


Below are some of the activities I’ve performed for other teams.

🔨 Build

  • Transform executive vision into plans engineers can execute
  • Articulate a Product Strategy
  • Customer & UX research
  • Design, build & operate SaaS applications
  • Lead fixing quality, performance or scalability issues in large legacy code bases
  • Recruit and manage engineers: Employees and freelancers
  • User experience design - I’m not a designer, but I can get a new feature off the ground.

⚙️ Operate

  • Define and monitor KPIs
  • Build cross-team collaboration around product
  • Instrument and analyze product usage
  • Revamp engineering agile processes
  • Establish practices to improve service reliability
  • Instill engineering excellence

🚀 Product Launch

  • Support fundraising pitch deck, investor calls
  • Product briefs for marketing and sales
  • Demo scripts for sales
  • Customer-facing copy and documentation

📦 Engagement Packages

Want to chat? Reach out via email () or LinkedIn Logo LinkedIn.

I want every one of my clients to be my advocates. So I am dedicated to making every engagement successful. My specialties are in product management, technology and operations in B2B SaaS. Each of the packages below include the following:

  • Onboarding with the team
  • No restrictions on projects
  • All work in client tools + processes
  • No tracked hours — I focus on results, not time
Package Price Best For
Coaching $4,000 /mo Targeted Product & Technical Feedback:
• About 5 hours per week
• Renew monthly
Executing $8,000 /mo Project Leadership:
• About 10 hours per week
• Product Management
• Technical Reviews & Coaching
• Join Sales Calls
• Take investor calls, added to investor decks as Fractional CTO
• Renew quarterly
Scaling $15,000 /mo Team & Product Leadership:
• About 20 hours per week
• Includes Executing” and:
• Hire, Mentor & Manage Engineers
• Renew quarterly